Blogging in the Art Room

Blogging in the Art Room
by, Amanda Jane Hofstetter

Blogging has evolved over the last number of years from a novelty to a necessity. It has become necessary for art teachers to come together to share the multitude of projects they are producing with their students in their art room. Sharing different projects with the World Wide Web allows educators and the public to take part in great art!

Take for instance,, a blog created by California based art teacher, Patty Palmer. Palmer is a public school art teacher in Golita, California who started her blog in November of 2007.

This blog serves art teachers, parents, students and the public. With a long list of art ideas from projects to tips and tricks, there is a little something for everyone. The blog works well because it offers a clean, clearly written site that is easily accessible.

If you are looking for a particular art project, you can search for it in the search box or find it under one of her tabs on the site. Deep Space Sparkle is easy to navigate with a lot of information including Palmer’s blogs about how the art projects have worked in the classroom.

For instance, are you looking for learn how to teach art? There is a e-course that you can purchase from DeepSpaceSparkle that can help you with that! With a large inventory of art projects there really is something for every artist. I was so impressed with the site, I signed-up for Palmer’s newsletter!

A second website that I found very interesting for art teachers is, written by teaching artists Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee. They dedicate their blog “to the teachers who constantly work on perfecting the art of education.” But don’t shy away from this great site if you are not an art teacher. Though it is geared toward teachers that are focused on art, there are great projects that teachers, parents and the public can incorporate into their fun and creative days!

The Teaching Palette is a mix of art, science, history and math. They have teacher authored product reviews as well as ways to incorporate different subjects into your art class and projects. Don’t forget the ever changing classroom management section, I found this to be extremely informative and helpful!

The layout is pretty basic as the way of blogs go, but that is what is so endearing about it. The site is very easy to navigate and I had a nice time reviewing the multiple posts. There is a collaborative and engaging spirit involved in this website/blog that gets you excited to see what is new and next from Andrlik and McGee.

The final blog that I really enjoy and already follow through is Cassie Stephens is an elementary art teacher that pours her heart and soul into her blog. Stephens’ blog is geared toward the art teacher and the art curious. She shares with you her great handmade outfits, by her of course, that are inspired by great artists such as Kandinsky, Monet and the like. Her art work and clothes inspire me as I am sure they do for many others.

The blog is similarly laid out like the more traditional blog of The Teaching Palette. It is chockfull of posts about different projects and art inspired outfits. Stephens gets you excited about art and its educational and playful possibilities.

The three blogs that I reviewed have gotten me excited about the blogging possibilities! Three things I need to keep my blog focused on are: 1.) What is my blog doing or it’s purpose, 2.) Who am I serving with my blog or my audience and 3.) How can my blog be efficient and easy to access for all readers?

With these three points in mind, I know that I will be a successful and happy art blogger!


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