Why I Research!

It was only two years ago that my life took an unexpected turn for the worst and ultimately, best. After a train wreck on an illness, I needed to re-evaluate my life and aspirations. After doing a lot of soul-searching and working with my former 1st grade art teacher, I decided to take the plunge into…substitute teaching! It was my desire to work with Kindergarten through fifth grade in Anne Arundel County. The kids in this age range are still fresh and able to show affection. It makes me so happy to get a hug and smile from my students during the day. I love the ability to share my gifts as an artist and teacher with children. And by substituting, I have been able to get a real life look into what it is to teach. I have to say, it scares me, yet, I find it completely exhilarating!

Turning into a researcher has been a natural progression for me. I have taken the long way around as it seems with my career and schooling. With that said, it has been a necessity to delve into research for both career and academic needs. In undergrad, I became an expert at researching scholarships and other forms of funding to pay for my degree. Not an easy task! Now I am prepared to take my research skills to another level, one where I can become efficient at fleshing out the right facts, statistics, and other pieces of information that are pertinent to my topic.

I have been making art through various different mediums since a tot. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything from singing and dancing to painting, drawing and ceramics. I don’t always take the time to just create for the sake of creating but when I do, watch out! I become entranced in the experience. This is my sacred space, a place for me to work with all the parts of me that need attention and time. I want to share this joy of the arts with people of all ages. I want them to know that life can be wonderful with you learn through and with the arts.


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