19 and counting…


So I have a list of 19 items that need to be completed and turned into my professors.  That spells out

S-T-R-E-S-S to me!  Yikes!!!!

I am really hoping that my concentration continues to improve.  It was obvious to me that graduate school would have it’s challenges.  That is what I signed-up for!  However, I had no idea how under stimulated I would be.  There are times where I have an AH-HA thought, but very little.

Unfortunately, like many people, I feel as though I am just rushing to get this and that done in order to move onto the next task. Does anyone understand that?  If so, let’s have a dialog on here of how to get that outside mental stimulation!

I am hoping to have more AH-HAs then oh-nos!  Honestly, I feel like I signed-up for something completely different than what I am receiving and at a price tag that I hope I will never regret.

My original college, The Corcoran College of Art + Design was purchased by George Washington University and boy what a transition!  I am soooooooOOO fortunate that we were, but I was given two years to complete a program that I wanted to complete in three.  Guess I can’t be pushed out of the next fast enough!

And that is OK!  I know that I need to finish this degree and that it will be wonderful, but for now…I am doing my best to enjoy it and not scream.  Or shall I say I am doing my best to not scream?! HA!

So if five classes this semester wasn’t enough, I am signed up for SIX next Spring 2015!  Wowzers!

Looking forward to more progress and increased learning…who knows…maybe I will actually get the funding that I need to pay for this degree and more!  I dream BIG!

Much love,

Amanda XOXO


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