Career Development Fellowships @ GWU

Do you attend George Washington University and also work at least 20 hours a week in the DC Metro area?
If you answered YES and YES…then you are in luck!  There is a great fellowship available at GWU.
It is called the Career Development Fellowship.  See the information provided below!
Best Wishes and Good Luck!
Amanda Jane



Career Development Fellowships are intended to assist students who are working/interning either full- or part-time in the DC Metro area and are pursuing or wish to pursue graduate (Master’s level) study at GW to enhance their knowledge and skills. Assumed is that these students will add the dimension of real world experience to the classroom and that they will, in turn, employ the new knowledge and skills from their courses at GW in the workplace.


Employed full- or part-time in a position (job or internship, paid or unpaid in the DC Metro area) directly related to the student’s degree program. (GW employees are not eligible) In accordance with University policy, full-time students may not have full-time jobs. Current or incoming GW graduate students with a minimum 3.4 GPA who have been accepted to one of the Master’s degree programs listed below. (Students enrolled in off-campus locations are not eligible.) Please also note that other awards cannot be held with this award.

Applicants working for GWU are not eligible. Applicants who have not secured an internship or job by the time of application for the fall are not eligible. No exceptions.

Note: These are not simply areas of study, but are specific Master’s degree programs. Students who are not in one of these specific programs on the Foggy Bottom campus are not eligible to apply and will not be considered, regardless of whether their area of study is related. Click here for the complete list of accepted Master’s programs.

Registration Requirements

Priority will be given to students who are studying full-time, but a limited number of awards will be given to students who are studying part-time (and may be employed full-time). Full-time students must be registered for at least three courses (9 credit hours) per semester. Part-time students must be registered for two courses (6 credit hours) per semester. These requirements do not apply to students in their last semester who need only one or two courses to complete their programs.


Awards will cover up to 50% of tuition (excluding fees).

Required Documents: All application materials must be submitted via the online fellowships application portal.

    • Application
    • Essay

The essay will be the most heavily weighted factor in your application package. Therefore, it should be thoughtfully written with concrete, detailed examples of the impact your studies have on your work and VICE VERSA. (Essays which cover only one aspect will severely hamper the applicant’s chances of being awarded a Career Development Fellowship, regardless of other qualifications.)

This essay should not be more than two pages, double-spaced, and should include your academic and professional interests. The essay should explain, in detail:

      • how your current professional position will enable you to make a positive contribution to your academic program
      • how your academic program enhances your skills and knowledge for your current placement (job or internship) and is relevant to your future career goals.
  • Transcripts
      Current full-time students with at least 9 GW credit hours completed and part-time students with at least 6 GW credit hours complete are only required to submit unofficial GW transcripts (please do not submit GWeb transcripts. You may request a free unofficial transcript from the Registrar). If you do not meet this requirement, you must submit unofficial or official undergraduate transcripts. Incoming students must submit undergraduate transcripts.

    • Resume

      Your resume should include relevant work and internship experiences, degrees earned, honors and/or awards, and community service activities.

    • Academic and Professional Recommendations

      Two recommendations are required. One must come from the employer or internship supervisor and one from a professor.

If you have not yet begun your internship or job, you may submit a recommendation from a current or previous employer.

If you do not have an academic reference, you may submit a second professional recommendation but you may not be viewed as a competitive applicant.

Recommendations will be submitted via our online system. Applicants in the online portal should enter the emails and names of their recommenders when prompted in the recommendation section of the online application. Recommenders will then receive an email request to complete his/her recommendation. Applicants will be sent an email confirmation from the system when the recommendations have been submitted.
Please submit completed applications via our online system by 12:00 PM EST on 20 March 2015. You will not be able to submit your application until all materials (including recommendaton letters) are submitted via the online system.


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