NPR’s – What Makes a Great Teacher!

Hello, Friends!

So I read an excellent article from NPR that is called:

What makes a great teacher.

It is a great read and I recommend it to anyone looking to become a teacher or who is already a teacher.

Here is my takeaways from the articles:

1.) Set an example of excellence for your students and peers with your dress and speech

2.) Arrive early to school every day — no exceptions (in your daily life too…just be on time!)

3.) Only cancel your day of school teaching if you incapacitated…so just don’t!

4.) Listen!  Sometimes your students just need someone to listen to them, not advice

5.) Read – Read anything you can get your hands on in regards to teaching, your students, new ways of working, news, etc.

6.) Talk – Speak with your peers in person, via social media such as these educator chats on Twitter (

*NPR – Article Link (


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