My Poster of Hope!

Some time ago, I was touring alone through the National Portrait Gallery.  It was so exciting because the then iconic Hope Poster created by Shepard Fairey was on display.

Pre-iPhone I asked for my photo to be taken with it from another museum patron.  I was so excited.  In fact, I searched high and low to find the orginial photo to post on this website, but to no avail!  Boo!

It really was such a great picture because I was just so proud of our President and all that he has accomplished.  But today, we seem to feel different.  We are jaded and confused with lots of discontentment mixed in.  And I have to say, reading more about the poster made me even sadder.

You see, the Hope Poster, created by graphic artist, Shepard Fairey was actually not his own work.  Well, not completely.  Fairey infringed aka stole the orgininal photograph from the Associated Press.  And he was so far from honest on the piece when it came to light that it wasn’t completely his artwork.

He would later be called a sellout for his legal battle in which he made amends with the AP and signed an agreement saying that they could both profit from this Hope Poster artwork.

Was that right?  Who knows, but the really question is:  Why was Fairey lying in the first place?  He lied to his profession as an artist and to the general public.  Not even to mention to the governmental courts!

YIKES! Don’t be so brazen Mr. Fairey, use your wings for good and stop lying already.

Read more about the artist with a knack for deleting personal files that would later incrimantate him anyways in these two articles:

Huffington Post Articles on HOPE Poster Suit


Huffington Post – Occupy Wall Street Gaff


Sorry to be such a downer…I was sad myself.  Liars never rarely make for good friends and in the movies always a good foe!

Keep it honesty and bless yourself with integrity!


Amanda Jane


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