Video Art Portfolio – A Teaching Tool

Video Art Portfolio
A Teaching Tool

Video Art Portfolio – A Teaching Tool

The video art portfolio is a great way for students to embrace their knowledge of technology and Apple products such as the iPad and iMovie. I created this teaching tool which instructs, via video, how to create a video art portfolio. Using three basic items, the iPad, iMovie, an application on the iPad, and the iCloud, a Apple based remote storage. I decided upon using Apple products because there is wide usage of Apple products in classrooms as well as home as personal use.

My audience for this teaching tool specifically focused on middle school art students. Sixth through eighth grades, but this tool can be used with older students and/or adults. I chose this age group because this is the time in which children are needing to focus their efforts on prepping for high school. During this time period, middle school students are also being encouraged to look toward college. For this age group, college is only four to six years away. There is no time like the present to start documenting art work!

The best way for me to create this tool was via the video capability on my iPhone which I later uploaded to iCloud. I then used the video from iCloud and edited through my shots in iMovie, into one cohesive unit. The teaching tool is approximately nine minutes and is a very thorough execution of a quick tutorial.
It is my hope that students will be able to use this teaching tool as a reference while they work on their own video art portfolios.

I had a nice time making the teaching tool, but of course, not without some technical issues myself. The size of my video was too large as I had recorded it in HD, high-definition. So I had issues with storage on my iPad which only holds 16 gigabytes.
I uploaded the teaching tool to Vimeo as it was too difficult to upload to Youtube. Vimeo is a free digital video platform that is open to the public much like Youtube. I think that the performance level of Vimeo is higher and is of much better quality.

Something to note is that once the student has created and subsequently finished their video art portfolio, it is up to them whether they share their piece via social media or keep it private for their own use. Either way, it is up to the student and their parents/guardians what decision they choose.

I enjoyed creating this teaching tool and have decided that given a chance, I would like to create many other teaching tools that can benefit students and other people on social media. I will be posting this blog to my Pinterest page and hope to get some followers to boot!
Here are a few tips when making your own Video Art Portfolio:

1.) Take your time — there is no need to rush!
2.) Select your photos in advance and place them on the iCloud
3.) Double check that there is enough storage on your iPad and on the iCloud
4.) Decide if you want music or not — I opted for no music as it can be distracting
5.) Time each photo you add so that there is a minimum of five seconds of
viewing time
6.) Make the transitions concise and not too flashy
7.) Don’t get too wild with the editing as the focus needs to be placed on
your art work
8.) Make it professional
9.) Make it simple and short
10.) Have fun with it!
Thank you and best wishes for a beautiful holiday and bright-shiny New Year – 2015!
Amanda Jane


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