An Open Letter to David Bach

Dear David,

Congratulations on your newly updated book, “The Automatic Millionaire! What a great book, I read TAM when it was hot off the press!

More specifically, I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of your grandmother in “Smart Women Finish Rich.”  Because of Smart Women Finish Rich, of which I read back in 2003(?)…I was able to get out of an abusive relationship that lasted a heart wrenching 6.5 years of my young life.

You see, after reading your book and speaking on the radio with Suzi Orman, I created a master plan to get my life back and better than ever. I was able to pay off all of my debts, save $2,000, and finally break free of the abuse that I endured for way too long. Battered and emotionally wrecked, I had pulled myself up by the bootstraps to make myself a priority.

Now 38 years young, I have put myself through undergraduate school at The University of Maryland, College Park, graduating in 2008. Currently, I am finishing my Masters in the Art of Teaching, Art Education at the Corcoran College of Art + Design/George Washington University. Graduation is slated for this May 20, 2017!!!

Thanks to your grandmother and you, I was inspired to help myself. Where I am now would not have been possible without the both of you!

Although I am in major debt due to medical and school, I remain positive. My future career as an art educator with a side hustle, keeps me inspired and proud of myself. If I was able to break free of debt and poor circumstances so long ago, I know that I can do it again. And this time, AUTOMATICALLY!

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I have great hopes and in large part due to your grandmother’s legacy. I love her and you and owe you both great thanks!!! So…THANK YOU!!!

It would be wonderful if you would update the Smart Women Finish Rich book. It was so specific and inspiring…I know a lot of women that could use the wisdom that was imparted to me in that book. If you are ever interested, I would love to be a partner in that update. It truly changed my way of thinking and life. And the money part was only that, a part. It was more about how the idea of taking care of myself was necessary and a non-negotiable.

Thank you again, I look forward to getting your newly updated book!

Peace, Love, and Creativity!

Amanda Jane Hofstetter


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