Bicycles to Go Please!

I had only heard about AmazonPRIME and its great products when it first came out.  It was so new and amazing sounding that I was skeptical!  That was all until I heard the concept of “Bicycles to Go!” Simply stated, you can order pretty much anything from organic apples, fabulous books, to bicycles to go!  And all with FREE SHIPPING!!  That is right…I said free … Continue reading Bicycles to Go Please!

An Open Letter to David Bach

Dear David, Congratulations on your newly updated book, “The Automatic Millionaire! What a great book, I read TAM when it was hot off the press! More specifically, I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of your grandmother in “Smart Women Finish Rich.”  Because of Smart Women Finish Rich, of which I read back in 2003(?)…I was able to get out … Continue reading An Open Letter to David Bach

My Poster of Hope!

Some time ago, I was touring alone through the National Portrait Gallery.  It was so exciting because the then iconic Hope Poster created by Shepard Fairey was on display. Pre-iPhone I asked for my photo to be taken with it from another museum patron.  I was so excited.  In fact, I searched high and low to find the orginial photo to post on this website, … Continue reading My Poster of Hope!

Copyright Infringement and Other Concerns!

Teachers and students, this is a warning…you are being watched!  Scary isn’t it?! However scary, this is a possible scenario when using copyrighted images, video and sound clips in your digital media creation.  Both in your educational practice and art production, we must be aware of copyright infringement. Let’s start from the top! What is copyright infringement? According to Webster’s Dictionary Online: Copyright is stated … Continue reading Copyright Infringement and Other Concerns!

Video Art Portfolio – A Teaching Tool

Video Art Portfolio A Teaching Tool Video Art Portfolio – A Teaching Tool ( The video art portfolio is a great way for students to embrace their knowledge of technology and Apple products such as the iPad and iMovie. I created this teaching tool which instructs, via video, how to create a video art portfolio. Using three basic items, the iPad, iMovie, an application on … Continue reading Video Art Portfolio – A Teaching Tool

NPR’s – What Makes a Great Teacher!

Hello, Friends! So I read an excellent article from NPR that is called: What makes a great teacher. It is a great read and I recommend it to anyone looking to become a teacher or who is already a teacher. Here is my takeaways from the articles: 1.) Set an example of excellence for your students and peers with your dress and speech 2.) Arrive … Continue reading NPR’s – What Makes a Great Teacher!

Career Development Fellowships @ GWU

Hello! Do you attend George Washington University and also work at least 20 hours a week in the DC Metro area? If you answered YES and YES…then you are in luck!  There is a great fellowship available at GWU. It is called the Career Development Fellowship.  See the information provided below! Best Wishes and Good Luck! Amanda Jane OGSAF at GWU Purpose Career Development … Continue reading Career Development Fellowships @ GWU