An Open Letter to David Bach

Dear David, Congratulations on your newly updated book, “The Automatic Millionaire! What a great book, I read TAM when it was hot off the press! More specifically, I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of your grandmother in “Smart Women Finish Rich.”  Because of Smart Women Finish Rich, of which I read back in 2003(?)…I was able to get out … Continue reading An Open Letter to David Bach

Digital Video Presentation & Murphy’s Law!!!

Digital Video Capturing – AJH Do you ever feel like you have got what it takes and then… MURPHY’S LAW TAKES OVER?! Well that is me today with my presentation for tonight.  Don’t you know that I travelled all the way from my home in Annapolis, Maryland to my graduate school across from the White House and…. I HAVE THE WRONG PRESENTATION FOR TONIGHT!!!  UGH!!! … Continue reading Digital Video Presentation & Murphy’s Law!!!

What is Social Capital?

The topic of Social Capital came up in class the other week. So I looked up what exactly Social Capital means and how it relates to Art Education. Check out what I found on*: *What does “social capital” mean? The central premise of social capital is that social networks have value. Social capital refers to the collective value of all “social networks” [who … Continue reading What is Social Capital?